Bart – “Turncoat”


Another pop odyseey out of the Idée Fixe, roster this week. The label has been rounding up some of the best Canadian psych, indie, folk, and jazz over the past few years and they aim to keep that conveyor rolling with the third album from Bart. The Toronto band’s latest album, Some Kind of Way, refuses to be pinned down, winding its way through soft-focus psychedelia, jazz-rock tributaries, and a harder edge of funk that sinks more than a few snaggled teeth into post-punk’s underbelly. The first single from the record falls into that latter camp, feeling at home among sweat-stained singles form Parquet Courts, Omni, or Squid. For this album the band adds in a few Fixe regulars, rounding out their linuep with help from multi-instrumentalists Harrison Forman (Hieronymus Harry, Dr. Joy) and Patrick Lefler (ROY, Possum) while adding drummer Micael Brushey to thicken the rhythm. The new album is out April 7th from Idée Fixe.

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