Bard’s Flying Vessel


This is one of the reasons I’m always going to follow a psych-design rabbit hole. In searching through Callum Rooney’s designs during his Design Inspiration piece, among the bands that had already struck a chord with RSTB there were a few covers he’d slung for artists I was unfamiliar with. Naturally, many of them turned out to have as good taste in music as they did in design, leading me to get familiar with the debut from Brooklyn via Boston outfit Bard’s Flying Vessel. The band embraces the same supernova of psychedelia that’s been driving modern psych-pop bands from both the North and South Hemi, finding similarities with West Coasters Grave Flowers Bongo Band and Communicant and hitting the similar sonic cues as Aussies Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

While they can tack into the torrent with the best of them, the band finds themselves at their purest when they leave much of the wall of haze behind, opting for more cosmic plumes on “Birdhouse” or “Back To Being.” The Vessel doesn’t shy away from pushing towards murkier waters either, stretching out on windswept headtrip “Eyes Are Held.” Like Grave Flowers they mix an acoustic tenderness with a gooey cosmic center, though they leave behind the glam stomps that Gabe and the boys have lately embraced. The record is a puzzle box of buried hooks and glowing aural embers. The more you listen, the more they begin to surface. I is a fun ride, and I hope to hear more from the band in the future.

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