Ayal Senior


If you missed out on the excellent debut by Sacred Lamp, the duo of Ayal Senior and Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn, then by all means, take a step back and embrace one of the undersung gems of 2019. The songs on Az Yashir pick up where that album left off. While its in Senior’s name this time, Dunn helped to pen the recordings here and the pair’s friend Sandro Perri laid them to tape. Some of the same specters haunt the record. There’s a feeling of vernal awakening to the record, a collection of songs that tap into moments of fingerpicked rag, psychedelic folk, and slightly buttered country.

Just slightly to the north, there’s a contingent brushing at the Canadian vision of Cosmic Americana, with Senior, Dunn, James Matthew VII, Ivy Wye, Jay Anderson and others that’s just begging for those of us down here to push our gaze northward. Az Yashir embraces this time and temperance perfectly, a record made among friends that exudes an air of comfort and ease, yet ripples with an almost electric amount of talent in its bones. It’s quite possible that this one will fly under even the most ardent of radars, but my advice is to slip in here and dive deep into the works of Ayal and this crew.

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