Axis:Sova – “Dodger”


Axis:Sova dragged their sound out of the lo-fi ghetto on their last album, Motor Earth, proving they had a handle on boogie-belted face-melters, but breaking through the veil of hiss that dogged their debut. The album still retained a good amount of grit, though, knocking fuzz riffs down with a sonic sledgehammer and indulging in lengthy psych workouts. The band returns for another round and this time they’ve power washed their sound even more. Their devotion to the less terrestrial among us (Hawkwind, Guru Guru) seems to have cooled. There’s still a boogie itch at work on “Dodger”, though, but now they’re burning clean, piping Creedence clairvoyance through the dry ice dirges of Wooden Shjips.

They pair the track with a dizzying video, employing Mylar Chamber photography, bending light around and through the band with kaleidoscopic results. The new album rises up on Drag City imprint God? November 16th, so be ready.

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