Ava Mirzadegan – “Sleeping Through The Afternoon”


A raw, yet rewarding single slips out today from Ava Mirzadegan’s Dark Dark Blue. The new album documents the dissolution of a relationship and the end of that relationship is traced through the course of “Sleeping Through The Afternoon.” The song, spare and intimate, embellished with only Ava’s voice and the soft ramble of guitar, threads through moments of intense infatuation only to be followed by distance and a need to fix the faults at all cost, even if that cost is both the love and the lover themselves. Some wounds can’t be healed, some severances can’t be sutured. The song is as comforting as linen, lament, and the green light filtering down through the trees. Mirzadegan proves an engrossing narrator of love’s ability to lift one’s face to the light or drown us in darkness. Her new album, Dark Dark Blue, is out November 3rd from Team Love.

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