Arbor Labor Union – Crushed By Fear Destroyer


Got another heater from the upcoming Arbor Labor Union LP today and it swerves slightly away from the light hearted ramble of “Flowerhead” and into thicker clouds of smoke. The song’s still stretching for the horizon though, putting a rhythm stomp on their sound, tumbling “Crushed By Fear Destroyer” into a Crazy Horse careen that begs to be let loose in the live arena. The band’s chewing on a lot of the same fodder that’s been fueling the Forsyth/Garcia People/One Eleven Heavy axis and it becomes clear by a few bars in that these guys need to hop on a set with any of the three. Arbor Labor Union have crouched in the chrysalis and come out the other side fully immersed in the new dawn of Cosmic Americana, shedding their past for a sound that’s vibrating in the tailwinds of Mighty Baby, New Riders, and Country Funk while updating the gnarl with the debris of players that came up with post-rock heroes like Tortoise humming through the wires of their discmen. Catch the new LP from Arrowhawk on 2/7.

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