Andy Votel’s latest under the Applehead banner, after a five year vacation, is just as deliriously jumbled as he’s ever been. The man with a thousand monikers to flip through seems to compartmentalize his obsessions in association with each one. Applehead seems to be a kind of addled mash of late night nods; flipping through library funk, ambient noise, and synth like an Ambien-induced 3 AM run on the cable box. His Finders Keepers catalog certainly plays a part here, snipping in foreign pop samples and spoken word drops from the far corners of the tape crate.

The record delights in a fractured mental state that’s blurring the lines between reality and fiction, crafting aural hallucinations that flicker through the horror-creep soul of Applehead’s world. Votel is a man of deep influences and deft skill, slicing them into creeping shadows and psychedelic vignettes. The end product drops down like This Heat and Throbbing Gristle blended smooth with his own enduring love for 60’s French and Italian horror tropes. While digging up some essential soundtracks, it seems that Votel may have caught a bug for it himself, this would work nicely as the underpinning to a horror-psych revival should anyone go in for some newfound schlock psycosis. A damn fun one, from one of the masters in his field.

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