Anna Homler and Steve Moshier – Breadwoman & Other Tales


Strange origins and stranger sounds come from the grooves of Breadwoman. Homler was a student of performance art and while on a trip through California the artist conceived of the character of Breadwoman, concocting a language of chants that seem so close to real tongues its hard not to believe Homler’s tales of divining an ancient language and acting as a vessel for the spirit of Breadwoman, a woman so old she’s turned to bread. Homler recorded her chants to handheld cassette and eventually found a musical patner in Steve Moshier, a fellow experimental traveler and member of avant-garde chamber ensemble Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra.

Moshier took the transcriptions of Homler’s chants and composed a musical landscape for them that fit their loose cosmic nature. The results of these two halves of Breadwoman & Other Tales is a light source beamed in from space, sounding unearthed from an ancient civilization that’s left these recordings as a track record of their time here. For her part, Homler succeeds wildly in making Breadwoman feel like a real spirit, and with the help of Moshier’s analog inventiveness, her story crawls into the realm of psychedelic classics that have to be experience to be believed.

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