Alex MacFarlane – “Petroliana”

It’s always worth keeping an eye on Hobbies Galore, not only for their intriguing cross-section of releases that span the Aussie underground (Blank Realm, The Stroppies, Possible Humans, J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest) but also because label proprietor Alex MacFarlane uses it as a repository of his own works. His latest album, The Thousand Note Chord, balances a queasy strain of new wave-bent pop with propulsive instrumentals that dabble in an ambient blush from time to time. One of the highlights of the album is “Petroliana.” The song finds the ex-Twerps/Stevens songwriter winding overcast guitar lines over a shuffle of synth pop. With a background vocal drop in from Raven Mahon (The Green Child, Grass Widow), the song is a quicksilver-stained highlight from the album. The record is out now on Hobbies Galore.

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