Scenes from Deep In The Valley 2023



From The Ground Brewery

301 Guski Rd, Red Hook, NY 12571



Ryley Walker @ Deep In The Valley 2023
Glyders @ Deep In The Valley 2023 Sunwatchers @ Deep In The Valley 2023
Ned Collette @ Deep In The Valley 20223
Garcia Peoples @ Deep In The Valley 2023

Scenes from Deep In The Valley 2022



All images by Christopher Bruno and Jesse Sheppard




Deep In The Valley FAQ

What can I bring to Deep In The Valley?
Low backed chairs, blankets, picnic lunches (though vendors will be on hand as well), extra water or fill-able container (available at the fest also, but it’s August, so hydrate!).

What should I not bring?
Tents, large umbrellas that may obstruct views, pets (we love dogs but too many can be a problem), firearms, noise-making devices, laser pointers, knives, box cutters, tools of any kind (including hammers, knives, screwdrivers, etc.), pepper spray, mace, or any kind of item that could be used as a weapon. You, know, be reasonable.

There should be plenty of space on the Brewery / Orchard’s grounds, but please carpool if possible so that we can save space. Parking is free at the event.

Can I leave the show and return?
Preferably not for logistics sake, but we’ll have a wristband for re-entry if it’s necessary. It would be nice not to have a lot of in and out traffic during the bands’ sets, though, please.

Can I bring the kids?
Sure! Kids under 10 will get free entry to the event.

Can I bring a dog?
We love canine friends, but in the interest of those who don’t it would be best to leave them at home for the festival. Service dogs excepted.

What happens if it rains?
As long as it’s not dangerous the show will proceed and small umbrellas will be allowed. Let’s hope for the best. If it’s severe weather I’ll advise here day of show.

Can I tape the show?
Yes, but please reach out to to discuss. Power outlets will not be available for this, though.

Can I camp?
No, not on the grounds, though there is a campsite near Rhinebeck, just a few minutes away. Check Interlake RV Park

Can I swim in the pond?
Sadly, no. But its a pretty beautiful backdrop to the show.