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Mixtape: Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again

At the end of last year I put together a mixtape that shifted the focus of the series from more archival offerings to something that wrapped up newer artists. Some Cowboy You Turned Out To Be took a look at a new wave if indie, alt, and cosmic country and now I’m offering up a sequel that expands the spectrum, reaching back a couple of years to nab some I’ve missed and including a crush of new songs that have found their way out in the last year. The wave of Cosmic Americana is still going strong and there are a lot of new names here and even a couple that cropped up on Cowboy that have already let new gems out in to the air. The last time the mix had a bit of a heavy heart, but there’s a bit more jubilance this time around. Continuing with the cowboy theme, I’ve nabbed a bit of phrasing from Michael Chapman for this mix.Check out the trackless and stream below.

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R. McClure & Tall Shadows – “What Have I Done / Me and My Hangover”

More goodness from our neighbors to the North today, with a single from R. McClure & Tall Shadows. McClure wades into the cosmic end of the country spectrum, layering his twang with a gauzy glare that settles onto the speakers in folds of pink fog. The A-side is subdued and nestled into a hammock of harmonies that rock in the breeze. Like his fellow Canadian crooner James Matthew VII he’s plucking some fruit from the trees of Beachwood Sparks, finding that bliss between the bars and its always good to see folks picking at that lineage. The b-side kicks up the tempo and backs off the fog machines just a touch, but there’s still a pillowed glow around the track. The flip might actually be the winner here, as it balances the soft-touch with a heavier dose of slide guitar glee, still scraping the cosmos, but with a bit of dirt caught in its boots. From the sounds of this and a few other scattered tracks from an upcoming LP on Factotum, McClure marks himself as one to watch.

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