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Lorena Quintanilla on Música Nueva Latinoamericana 2

I’ve been a longtime fan of Mexican shoegaze duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolte, and when I’d heard that the band’s Lorena Quintanilla had a solo album forthcoming (her second, sadly I’d slept on the first) I was incredibly intrigued what would arise. J. Zunz sophomore LP is a haunted, complex record that pulls as much from industrial spaces as it does experimental and concrete nodes. The LP focuses keenly on Quintanilla’s voice — echoing through spaces that seem cavernous and dangerous in the same light. I asked Lorena to contribute a pick to the Hidden Gems series, quite anxious to hear what treasure she might unearth and I’m not in the least disappointed. She’s given light to a series of Latin American electronic music that’s been sorely lost from the cultural conversation. Her pick centers on the inclusion of Jacqueline Nova, with whom I was unfamiliar, but quickly became quite intrigued by. Read on to see how the record has come into Lorena’s life and the impact it’s had on her songwriting.

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J. Zunz – “Y”

A new solo album from Lorena Quintanilla comes packed with a harrowing video for first song “Y.” Quintanilla is better known as the Lorelle half of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, the shoegaze outfit that she’s maintained with Alberto González for the better part of the last decade. Under the name J. Zunz she’s exploring some similar atmospherics but carving well away from the some of the German Progressive and shoegaze territory that she’s been exploring over the past few years with The Obsolete. “Y” creeps in slow and menacing, building to an industrial blast of synth that’s corroded and cruel. In the same manner the clip grows from sparse images of Quintanilla to a violent end that’s as harsh as the music’s escalation. This skews much darker than her last solo outing under the J. Zunz name and seems poised to push her solo work further into the flickering floodlights. Loved what Lorena has long been laying down with LMTO, and this next chapter seems like a welcome evolution and departure. The LP, Hibiscus arrives August 21st from Rocket Recordings.

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