The Umbrellas – “Pictures”


I’m excited for this upcoming Umbrellas LP from Slumberland, and the band releases another tantalizing single from the eponymous debut this week. The band, self-confessed fans of Sarah Recs, The Pastels, and the strains of indie pop that have filtered down to their current confines of San Francisco, embody the duality of breezy harmonies and melancholy moods. With plenty of Field Mice feels in tow the band volleys male / female vocal lines throughout “Pictures” with unspeakable ease, wrapping their hooks in a tangle of jangles and more than a few forlorn sighs. The breeze blows in across the bay to cool the song down to an afternoon glow and with an earworm hook nagging at the brain, it practically begs to be put on repeat. The heart just seems to miss that melancholy chorus the minute it disappears from the air. The record is out August 6th from Slumberland.

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