Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi – “Golden Apples of the Sun”


The title track from a new collaboration between famed electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani and French composer Jonathan Fitoussi creeps in on a cosmic blanket of sound. Over percolating synths and plumed traces of tone, Ciani intones W. B. Yeats’ poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus,” evoking both the mystical tones of the original piece and works that it has inspired, such as Ray Bradbury’s collected works under the title. The pair fuse an aura of science fiction with further reaching realms of the fantastical, letting tones float away in nebulous tufts that could be quasars or just as easily figments of the gods, spiraling off into new realities as their electronics decay on the air. The new record is out September 6th from Obliques.

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