Sarah Louise – “The Jewel of the Blueridge”


While this past year has seen lots of movement by her compatriot in House and Land, Sally Anne Morgan, Sarah Louise has been working her own particular magic in her Appalachian home. Louise releases the second sampling of her upcoming epic Earth Bow, the hypnotic “Jewel of the Blueridge.” The song is part of an album comprised of two side-long, interconnected suites. Sarah has labeled her release a “synecdoche record,” comprised primarily out of samples of her previous recordings, though she’s added in new guitar parts and vocals, with some contributions from Go Kurosawa (Kikagaku Moy), Thom Nguyen (est Egg, MANAS, Wasting) and Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin’ Bajas).

Like previous single “Your Dreams,” the isolated “Jewel of the Blueridge” single vibrates with a radiant light, filtered down through the tree canopy. Though, where the last offering strayed from her guitar graces, sliding through silken strands of synth, her string work returns here, underpinning thunderous drums that stalk through the her sunfried amp smoke. The entire album works as in symbiosis with nature, tapping into the natural hum of the earth and fluctuating on the winds, an elemental progression of the drive of Sarah’s solo work up to date. The new record is out April 30th on her own Earth Bow Records.

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