Andrew Tuttle with Padang Food Tigers – “Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty-Six”


Both artists in this pairing have crossed the RSTB path at one time or another, and as they joke, the ambient banjo channel is pretty narrow so it was only inevitable that they one day collaborate. The collaboration happened miles apart with Tuttle in Australia and Padang Food Tigers in the UK, both with suddenly clear schedules mid-lockdown. Sending tracks to one another over a period of time that, incidentally adds up to the title of “Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty-Six” (hours that would be) the resulting album is a glorious wash in the froth. Quivering synths bloom underneath the patient pick of banjo, rising like the sun through mists in hues of pale pink that softens to a resplendent golden dawn. The album, A Cassowary Apart is the fifth album in Bedroom Suck’s Private Eyes Series, which has focused on meditative music with entries from Monica Brooks, Matthew Hayes & Charlie Perry, Low Flung, and Blue Divers. The record arrives February 12th, just in time to soundtrack the frigid expanse of mid-winter’s reach.

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