The Lost Days – “In The Store”


Good news out of the Tony Molina camp today. If last year’s In The Fade wasn’t enough to keep you satisfied, Tony’s paired up for a new album with Sarah Rose Janko (Dawn Riding). The pair bonded over the first three Bill Fox albums, an understandable obsession if there ever was one,. The duo welded their love of Fox’s unfettered pop to a mutual appreciation for The Byrds, finding a sound that’s not as spare as Bill’s, but still peppered with a jangled soul that’s confessional and compact. “In The Store” is the first peek into the project and it finds Sarah’s vocals floating free over strums until just a touch of country seeps in with organs and electrics. Like most of Molina’s work, it never overstays its welcome and leaves the listener constantly wanting another spin. The new record, In The Store, is out March 17th from Speakeasy Studios SF.

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