Usually talks of psychedelia around here involve some amount of fuzz, bombast or a drench in effects. Frank Maston has always taken a decidedly lighter step into psychedelia. His records are draped in the soft cues and clever subtitles that populated the mix I explored a while back. It’s little wonder he once shared label space with Jacco Gardner, as he also shares with him a propensity for lush psych dreamscapes that bubble slightly and burn away at the edges like filmstrips caught on the bulb.

He’s setup Tulips like a Library record from sleeve to song, emulating the kind of records that enamor collectors – releases from Pasquale Castiglione & Paolo Casa, Remigio Ducros, or Alessandro Alessandroni. The record conjures visions of Italian beaches, winding roads along the California coast and decadent interiors fit with Dutch Modern furnishings and ankle deep shag. Maston has clearly spent some time with his influences and absorbed every shred of DNA from their work he could. He’s not only created a loving homage, he’s also crafted another fine entry to the lineage of psych Library issues.

Much like the Belbury Circle record from earlier this week, this is a great example of an artist continuing the traditions of instrumental music. It’s actually a wonder, given the tone and scope of the record, how Maston hasn’t ended up working with Ghost Box at this point. Needless to say this is a key pickup for those interested in soft psych, Italian Library issues or setting the right tone to your newly constructed ’60s grotto.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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