Little Wings – “Zephyr”


Sun Cru is set to give an LP release to Zephyr later this month, a previously cassette-only release from Kyle Field’s Little Wings. The album was recorded as a merch table gem for an Australian tour in 2020 before it found digital release shortly after. The new edition gives the album the kind of cradle it deserves, with a lovely LP and a poster of Kyle’s handwritten lyrics included. The title track finds Field in his beachside contemplative niche, letting the song wash over the listener with an acoustic ease. There’s never really a moment in Little Wings’ catalog that couldn’t be categorized as pastoral, but this album is certainly more late night beach sunset zen than wooded folk feeling. “Zephyr” sways, it wavers in the winds, a Little Wings classic that’s as charming a curio as any in his catalog. The new version arrives June 17th from Sun Cru and it deserves its place in the Little Wings spot on your shelf.

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