Wet Tuna – Ain’t No Turnin’ Back EP


One of the most fun things about Matt Valentine’s Wet Tuna has been the periphery releases. Alongside three essential albums he’s been releasing Bandcamp EPs and singles that often find joy in expansive covers. This time around he offers up a new three song stunner with a dubbed out version of “Ain’t No Turnin Back” from the just released Warping All By Yourself. The rest of the EP reimangines a few cult classics. Diving back into his own history the EP’s centerpiece, a 16+ minute cover of The Tower Recordings’ “Other Kinds Run.” The new version stretches it out into a humid Tuna headspace, grinding the groove of the original into an infinite ether. The EP finishes up with a cover of ISB’s “Empty Pocket Blues.” There’s never a reason to skip a Wet Tuna release, but this one is particularly potent.

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