I certainly haven’t been quiet about this record, but now that the release is upon us, it’s worth a full force shout about the essential debut from French janglers EggS. The record emerges after a couple of years with the band shrouded behind scant information and with a campaign of purposeful obfuscation. Once whispers of unmissable live shows began to surface interest was bound to follow. The band proved hard to nail down in their early days, but now they follow a handful of EPs on Howlin’ Banana and Prefect Records with a split release between the two labels that brings together their shadowy past and bright future. Snagging help from members of En Attendant Ana, EggS solidifies the highs from their early releases into an album that’s full of indie inertia — an exuberant, joyful, explosive record that careens out of the speakers.

The band diverges from much of the post-Sarah debt that hangs heavy on Prefect’s catalog, opting instead to dig their drive from The Television Personalities and US Paisley Underground stalwarts like Eleventh Dream Day and Game Theory. Still, there’s also a tougher strain that runs through their DNA. They pull from the same crossover well of sax-soaked R&B sewn to indie pop that propels Royal Headache. While Charles’ vocals might not peel the paint like Shogun, there’s certainly something simpatico between the two outfits. Perhaps it’s timelessness. The patina of permanence becomes more apparent with each passing track. The ease of vocal volleys between Charles and Margaux, the blister of sax, and the ring of guitars feel like old friends by the time the record clips to a close. There’s something familiar about A Glitter Year, but often times that familiarity is the feeling of finding a favorite that’s bound to get worn down to the nub after playing it daily.

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