Wolf People – “Ninth Night”


I’ve actually been nostalgic for some Wolf People lately. The band’s debut and strong sophomore offerings were both on constant rotation following their respective releases and somehow a hot, stagnant summer seems rife for their particular brand of English psychedelic rabbit hole. On “Ninth Night” they tone down some of the flute (sorely missed on my part actually) but go in for a heavy dose of fuzz that builds to a chaotic din before being broken through at the end by their folk plucked guitar. The band have a pretty great handle on finding that knife edge between imitation and homage and while they’ve certainly versed themselves in their vintage collection of Jethro Tull, Yes and King Crimson platters, they know how to grab bits of each to find the connective tissue that bound the best prog together. The video gives the band’s live shots a fitting faded album art feeling that seems like a few of these shots could have rolled right out of that Träd, Gräs Och Stenar box from earlier in the year. Excited to see how the rest of Ruins shapes up.

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