Daniel Bachman – “Summer’s Fingers Sweetly Linger (Everywhere On Every Side)”

photo Aldona Dye

Exciting news today out of the Three Lobed camp. Daniel Bachman continues his exploration of a new Americana — corroded, yet codifying into something that reflects our current fractured horizon. The new record finds Bachman in the mindset of the perpetual motion of machinery, both physical and spiritual. With the Wheel of Life in mind, and his own experience growing food as a foundation, the record disassembles the mechanics of folk and forms of field recordings to become something new in the American songbook. Shaving down old instruments to gain new sounds, constructing his own from long forgotten manuals, and sending the signals through various electronic processes, the record yawns in late summer breezes, creaking with rust and rain. The first cut, “Summer’s Fingers Sweetly Linger (Everywhere On Every Side)” straddles the sinews between Jewelled Antler visions, Appalachian folk, and his admitted touchstones of Eno, Laraaji, and 75 Dollar Bill. The last album pushed deeper into the dirt to unearth ghosts and bones, this one seems to be tilling the soil for a new chance at life. When Roses Come Again is out November 17th from Three Lobed.

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