Vanity Mirror – “Dandelion Wish”


Another faded photograph of a single slips out from the upcoming Vanity Mirror record. The band, the duo of Brent Randall and Johnny Toomey, both spent time in the ‘60s-soaked psych-pop outfit Electric Looking Glass. Here, they move on from the Nuggets-era and on into an Bearsville/Apple rendition of the ‘70s, still rooted in the jangled pop of the past, but embracing a more bearded and buttoned-down temperament of the era. The accompanying video finds the band cycling through color schemes and clothes like a groundhog day gig that never ends. The song percolates on Toomey’s popcorn percussion, catching gusts of pop strums, horn trills, and honeyed harmonies. The band’s debut, PUFF, is out May 12th from We Are Busybodies.

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