Tim Presley – Under the Banner of Concern


Just because it’s mainly music around here doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a little book love, especially when the book is from site mainstay Tim Presley. I’ve been revisiting some of Tim’s earlier works lately and this news item couldn’t come at a better time. Presley’s pairing up with Mexican Summer’s archival and print arm Anthology Editions to produce a book of drawings, paintings, and poetry that should feel familiar to anyone who’s been absorbing some of his album covers over the years. The aesthetic here pays particular attention to his work as Drinks with Cate LeBon. Under the Banner of Concern features art that was previously part of Tim’s shows in Chicago and L.A., showing at Soccer Club Club and The Pit respectively. Any fans of the site know that just a touch under the music obsession lies an obsession with album art and artists, so this one hits quite nicely. The book is out August 25th and follows his previous collections You Don’t Have Your Eyes Yet  (2010) and Mush (2016).

Preview the book here and check out some pages below.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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