The Weather Station – “Robber”


Had a day or so to soak in this new song from The Weather Station and it’s getting under the skin quite nicely. With a move to Fat Possum and a shift in sound that embraces flannel blurts of sax, soaring strings, and overdriven organ, Tamara Lindeman has elevated this above her already fairly sterling catalog. Lyrically the song hits a prescient note, alluding to the elaborate denial we all undergo in order to let ourselves support systems that constantly seek to undermine our best interests and strip mine our personal resources, rights, and dignity. We’re all making excuses for the robber — letting government and capitalism corrupt because the hand that takes is so large it seems like its not there at all. The song definitely sets a high bar for what comes next from Lindeman. The song appears on a new 7” out this week backed with b-side “Better Now.”

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