The Oogars – “Ultra”


This recently released EP from Aussies The Oogars mixes Middle Eastern psychedelia, ‘60s garage, and a dark strain of surf, finding them in good company alongside records on your shelf from La Luz, Habibi, or labelmates Sunfruits. The band’s four cut cassette out now on Third Eye Stimuli excels in embracing hand sharpened hooks that are dressed in a kind of velvet vertigo. The main singles like the title track, provide a slightly swinging pop shake and standout “Girl In The Mirror,” which examines social pressures and societal expectations (and comes packed with an excellent video) might be the band’s best amalgam of their sound. However, it’s the closer, “Ultra,” that I’ve been feeling of late, a longer, midnight jam from the foursome that drives into more lysergic territory, drawing their strengths out into darker dimensions. The song cranks the organ to neon heights, pulsing against the twin guitars and subverted, twilight beach harmonies. The band also has an excellent live session from their label out today, which boasts a non-EP track as well. Hoping to hear more from this group soon. This one is a nice jump into the deep end with them.

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