The Laughing Chimes – “Back To My House”


Somehow 2021 is a good year for teenage jangle pop, with the unearthing of the Tangled Shoelaces collection by Chapter Music and now a modern companion in this upcoming debut from The Laughing Chimes. The band, Ohio brothers Evan and Quinn Seurkamp, have created an album that’s so immediate and fully formed that its hard to believe that it came out of the collapse of the Rust Belt present day. Then again, I have to recall that some of the original bittersweet bliss was wrought by similar teens in grey-skied Bristol and wilds of Christchurch proving that the forge doesn’t have a standard shape. The brothers have clearly taken their cues from both enclaves nipping bits of the Nuns, Sarah, and Subway sounds but not necessarily leaning too hard towards any end of the spectrum, instead finding a sunny stake of their own that’s undeniable in its earworm insistence.

It’s hard to pick a single that’s more swoon worthy than another, especially as the album is bookended by two absolute gems. While the opener has a lot of crossover appeal for those enamored with the recent Reds, Pinks and Purples records, the closer finds the band opening up their sound a bit. The jangle is still there, but with a lilting piano and slight purr of fuzz, the Chimes prove ones to watch on “Back To My House.” The record is out June 15th physically, but the digital can be had now. I’d recommend nabbing one.

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