The Catenary Wires – “Mirrorball”


The last time I saw Catenary Wires around these parts Rob and Amelia (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly) were creating clouded jangles that beat with a dark heart. Now, with a new album on the way from Shelflife (USA) / Skep Wax (UK), they’re embracing an ‘80s pop strain they might have avoided when they passed through that decade the first time around. Yet, with a propulsive pulse, muted horns, and a melancholy lump in their throat, they embrace the queasy swing of the disco lights and find a heartbeat of humanity underneath the glossy exterior of disposable pop across shared drinks. “Mirrorball” finds the pair exploring a couple connecting in unlikely circumstances, letting a themed bar night act as the backdrop for a more meaningful connection. The song carries a sense of hope and a slight wink at aging. Its not a night of legend, but sometimes love comes along in strange circumstances. The single is the first form the band’s upcoming Birling Gap.

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