Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – “Curse The Conscience”


I’ve been talking up this record as long as I can remember and I won’t stop until the year is through. Sean Tompson’s EP and singles set the stage for the album, but even with those I couldn’t have been prepared for the cosmic country romp that he lays down on his eponymous debut. This single found its way out a few months back, a bit of power pop swerve within the album’s sun-drenched choogle. Curation keeps their video game running consistent, holding over the faux cable access show, Rockin’ In A Hard Place, from the Uni Boys’ videos a while back. The ‘70s trappings feel just right on Thompson and a staged crew as he powers through the top-down swagger of “Curse The Conscience.” In further good news, the label has put up the pre-order for the album this week, and I’d recommend snapping one up as soon as possible. The eponymous LP is out August 19th from Curation. This one’s going to be pretty high on the year end list. Highly Recommended!

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