Sad Horse


Ah Mississippi, the avid archaeologists of our time, though they’re usually knee deep in gospel cassettes, African guitar debris or Dead Moon discographies, sometimes they’re also knocking a flashlight on the overlooked records of this current time as well. Swinging their gaze on their hometown’s own Sad Horse, they cobble together a collection of tracks from the band’s first couple of tapes and CD-rs for tiny labels like Eggy, Supermegacorporation and Water Wing. The retrospective bounces through a ton of material, but the relative length of a Sad Horse tune, combined with their intensity, makes it fly by pretty quick. The duo are no frills. As in none whatsoever. The songs are banged out in dry recorded spats that feel thick with the dust of warehouse floors and screamed from the Id. Complexity this ain’t and that’s a damn good thing, sometimes you need to bang the shit out of a kit, strangle the strings and lose control. The band have been a Portland secret for way to long and its a welcomed relief that Mississippi have chronicled their output.


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