Ryan Pollie – “On The Nose”


Still finding some gems from the year as it starts to draw to a close, and I’d be remiss if I’d let this album from Ryan Pollie slip away. The L.A. via Philly songwriter has locked onto the wave of faded ‘70s pop that’s been percolating and he’s definitely found his footing on Stars. The album shifts between road trip hummers that lodge themselves in the brain like bubblegum besot with tumbleweeds — country-pop gems of the highest order — and tender folk territory. There’s a worn-blanket charm to songs like “Don’t Lie,” and the elegiac “Steal Away,” both highlights on the album, but the indomitable “On The Nose” is the one that proves hardest to shake. The song is a bit glossier than the rest of the album, sailing in on silvered strums and a wind-rippled bass riff, but Pollie lets it recline in the sun perfectly, soaking in a West Coast aura that’s hard to deny. The album is out now on Mapache Records/Forged Artifacts, and the whole thing is worth clamping down on the turntable to combat the creep of the cold this month.

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