Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse Band – “Learn 2 Re-Luv”


A little while back I featured a cut from the upcoming debut from Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse Band. Acting as the natural extension of what Davis was working towards in State Champion, the Sophomore Lounge label head has fully embraced the Cosmic American call, ushering in a record that’s weathered but never beaten. Serving as Davis’s solo debut, the record finds him anything but lone, rounding up a cast of friends and musical family that includes members of Equipment Pointed Ankh, who serve primarily as the titular Roadhouse Band. Quite a few others dip in for the fun as well, including Joan Shelley, Catherine Irwin (Freakwater), Will Lawrence (Gun Outfit), Jenny Rose (Giving Up), Christopher May (Mail The Horse), Elisabeth Fuchsia (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), and Aaron Rosenblum (Sapat).

The latest single is probably my favorite from the record. Inhabiting country with a ragged ease and a wry wit, the song hinges on the summerlong licks of Chris May’s pedal steel and the vocal interplay between Davis’ furrowed croon and a bit of dusted glamour in the background vocals. The cut’s self-deprecating nature saunters through the speakers and can’t help but give the listener a crooked smile and a kick of courage to face the day. The new album, Dancing On The Edge, is out October 27th from Sophomore Lounge.

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original pic: Chris May (recolored)

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