Premiere: MV & EE – “i’m still in love with you love > void”


Longstanding psych-folk duo MV & EE were among the first to crop up on RSTB all those many years ago, and its a comfort to know that they’re still spinning the wheel of cosmic folk to this day. The band have a decidedly two sided coin in their approach, the first is a sun-streaked haze that stops just short of the sunshine psych perfected by the marquee members of their Woodsist home, the second is a darker and more discordant version that edges into squalls of psychedelic fallout, paranoia laden fuzz dirges and jammed transmission tape effects. The first taste of their upcoming album, root/void showed off that sunny disposition and the second dives deep into the wooded bunker of the latter style. On the epic album closer, “i’m still in love with you love > void,” the pair pulls into a territory that seems less idyllic forest folk and more in line with the sylvan trappings of a Cormac McCarthy novel, grey-skied and bleak, with a heavy heart and a toasted shell of apocalyptic creep. The track closes out the album on a note of resigned hope – it is a song about love, mind you, but the love seems to have faded from view and become twisted into something long since changed from its original incarnation. root/void is out Oct 7th on Woodsist.

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