Popul Vuh – Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte


The catalog of Popol Vuh is dense and rather intimidating to find entry points into. Sure, for the true heads out there the beginning of Fricke’s universe, Affenstunde, only makes sense, but there are plenty of other nicely set moments that don’t necessitate charting the history of the band. Though up until now many of these have not been available on vinyl, but thanks to some stellar work by Wah Wah/Supersonic Sounds the band’s later works have now found room on your shelf. The integration of guitar into the band’s sound really starts to take over on Das Hohelied Salomos, where Daniel Fichelscher really starts to become an integral part of the group, but its here on Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte that he really pushes to the forefront of their sound. Still balancing light and dark, psychedelic heaviness and a pastoral Eastern vibe that’s central to the Popul Vuh sound, this record sees them stretch out and find place in the Krautrock canon that show’s some love for their UK brethren in prog – feeling very versed in Floydisms and the grandeur of Yes. The band were in a very verdant period at this time also working on some of their numerous collaborations with Werner Herzog. These also appear in the newly minted series of reissues by Wah Wah/Supersonic and remain great points of entry into the band’s psychedelic odyssey.

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