I feel like this one has too much RSTB bait in it not to get it on the dock for review. Partner cribs members from the full spectrum of Raven’s past – with members of E.T. Habit, ADT, Mickey, and Quicksails muddying the expectations. Pop-ins from Whitney Johnson [of Matchess] and engineering from Cooper Crain shift the sails once more and an avowed influence from the Canterbury crowd all puts this right in my cross-hairs… and you know, it works. The album is a twitchy, prog-threaded behemoth that doesn’t fit easily into categorization. From the gate the band are pounding through jazz-skronked sax beats, goosebumped organ trills, fuzzed guitars and bent rhythms. The album only tumbles further down into the gears of Soft Machinery as it wears on, but the band make the jazz permutations draw some new blood where they can.

Green To Gold shudders at its own reflection — a seething, undulating mass of choral delirium and instrumental genuflection that turns the tumult of Gong, Egg, and Soft Machine into an imprinted memory. The record revels in its own curdled soul and I can’t fault it for having a good time working through the disjointed pound of its own ecstatic heart. While the band might not be as deep into the mantra and madness that birthed the original Canterbury crowd, they do a great job of capturing the spirit of the era — flaying the nerves and angrying the blood all the same. This is a great debut and I hope that the band continue to mine this strain in the future.

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