Montreal’s Laughing digs into a power pop and indie sound that culls from the College Radio boom of the ‘90s. Catchy to a fault and stomping out of the speakers on fuzz guitars and carefree harmonies, the record ably captures the immediacy of the era. The band most often flips through the second wave of power pop, with an ear towards Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads, Matthew Sweet, and Velvet Crush. Like those touchstones, the band has a way with turning emotional ache into insistent pop songs, hung on a crush of guitars and delightfully barbed hooks.

With past and current members of Nap Eyes, Monomyth, Human Music, and Fountain, the band’s already got a pop pedigree in place, but they eschew leaning on their laurels. Set apart from the rest of the Canadian set, they curate a wayback wonder without falling into the nostalgia valley wholesale. The nods to the class of ’94 are nice, but the band’s able to crush a power pop hook without always dragging the listener’s desire back to another era. Sliding well into the current indie pop pantheon, the band hovers between the West Coast janglers and the Aussie upstarts. Weaving heartache, harmony, hunger and, even a slight twang now and then, Because It’s True ends up an easy record to got back to time and again.

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