Laraaji – “Lifting Me”


Despite being a constant in new age circles, Laaraji has made a heavy impact in psychedelic and kosmiche circles in the last few years. While the artist has become synonymous with the zither, on his latest LP he’s focusing on circular, meditative piano compositions and they radiate a kind of calm centeredness that’s quite appreciated in times of shifting realities. The latest piece of the puzzle from the upcoming Sun Piano is “Lifting Me,” a sparkling composition that reverberates through the speakers with the promise of a clear dawn. Recorded in a Brooklyn Church by Jeff Zeigler (known for work with Kurt Vile, The War On Drugs and Mary Lattimore), this is a new direction for the artist, but one with a familiar feel.

While it doesn’t quite hit on his often sublime rippling that he’s created with his signature instrument, its clear that Laraaji is just as at home behind the piano as the strings. Tensions melt, time stands still, and the canvas is reset as the notes of “Lifting Me” float out of the windows to commune with the crisp summer air. Any fans of his past works will certainly be rewarded, but newcomers looking for a way into the minimal world of the artist might do well to crossover from the meditative fare of say, Recital or 130701. The record is out July 17th on All Saints.

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