Natural Information Society – “Stigmergy”


Excellent news for a Monday as a new record from Natural Information Society hits the schedule. Joshua Abrams’ ensemble heads into their seventh album with a continued focus on hypnotic healing and meditative drone, peeling through layers of minimalism and modality to open up the fissures of the soul. On Since Time Is Gravity, the Society itself has expanded as well, rounding up the regular players Abrams, Alvarado, Avery, Stein, but adding in Hamid Drake, Josh Berman, Ben Lamar Gay, Nick Mazzarella, Mai Sugimoto, Kara Bershad, and Ari Brown. The band lets the listener into the world of STIG today with the 13+ minute meditation “Stigmergy.” The new album is out April 14th from Eremite.

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