John Jeffrey – “As Of Late”


A couple of years ago a nice head trip of a record snuck out from John Jeffrey. Probably best known as the drummer from Moon Duo, Jeffrey shied away from the harder psychedelics associated with the duo and dipped into ambient country and kosmiche elements. He furthers those themes on an upcoming EP, In Crossing, essentially treating the four new tracks as an extension of what he’d built on Passage. The opener, “As of Late,” pads into view with a synth splendor that opens into jazz touches — flutes and bass clarinet working against slow churn of drums. There’s a broken decadence to the piece, a sort of soured glamor that shimmers but with a tarnish of age. The last record was steeped in German touches, and the creep of Ashara and Heldon certainly still gnaw at the edges, but this one has a mind to sit alongside more modern prog-jazz like John Caroll Kirby. The new EP is out May 14th.

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