Howlin’ Rain – “Don’t Let The Tears”


A slightly more compact peek into Howlin’ Rain’s Dharma Wheel lands today. Following the release of the 16+ minute title track, the band lets out the slippery funk of “Don’t Let The Tears,” a fried vamp that’s one part prime-era Doobies and one part Little Feat pre-Baxter years pounder. The song sails in on guitar flashes and ‘70s organ grease, feeling every bit the lost classic they’re aiming for. If it were ’73 all over again, this one would have been a radio staple that dominated the summer. The rain has always had an ineffable ability to capture the spirit of bygone eras and work their alchemy to turn stadium rock excess into gold for a new era. The sheer hugeness of this upcoming album is staggering, and this cut only proves that the band is working up to another high water mark of Cosmic Americana. The Dharma Wheel is out October 8th on the band’s own Silver Current Records.

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