The Myrrors


A true oasis in the swelter of Arizona is long-running psych-shaman unit Myrrors. The band has amassed an impressive collection of long play rituals, but given that their home at Beyond Beyond is Beyond has eclipsed the band move into yet another welcoming experimental enclave at Feeding Tube for this collection of rarities and comp tracks, previously scattered across splits/lathes/cassettes and digital downloads. While not an album proper, the tone on Invocaciones: Singles and Strays (2014-2016) finds Myrrors slipping through the looking glass and into an arid underworld of cavernous flutes, ceremonial drums, and psychedelic scorch that all seem to have been siphoned from the same subterranean pool.

The band has long taken up the reigns from the Scandinavian set, finding themselves dipped the Pärson Sound and reaching further for the strands of proximal Germans and Turkish travelers, while also feeling a particular affinity for the more drone prone visions of Japanese ‘60s savants as well. What makes this collection particularly potent is the feeling that its just the beginning of bringing together some of the loose ends of The Myrrors. A few of their splits are represented here, but more remain in the wild, ready for inclusion on a second volume, should it come about. The versions that make the cut often find themselves transformed bit as well — extended takes that couldn’t fit their original format, alternate takes that found new color, or combined tracks that slipped out on concurrent releases that may have felt a kinship on stage. It’s hard to ever discount anything from Myrrors as anything less than essential, but this one works as both a way in for the uninitiated and a completist capper for those who have been running with them all along.

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