Dude York – “Moon”


Dude York were one of my greatest surprises of 2017. Once over the hurdle of the name the band reveals themselves to be consummate purveyors of ‘90s pop – hook magnets doused in amp fuzz and a sugar rush sheen. Though I’m a little sad to see some of the overt Britpop bleed out of their latest single, it’s latched onto ‘90s power pop in the best ways – towering, buzzing, and pointing fingers at their lyrical target like a loaded gun. “Moon” sees the band feeling more confident than ever, pushing this song close to anthemic (it could maybe stand even just a nudge further) and feeling all the better for it. Like Aussie poppers Bloods, they’re embracing the geyser that wells up like a caffeine rush in the brain and letting the top blow with glee. Hoping this means an album of amped up fun is on the way, but definitely reveling in every minute of “Moon” on its own merits.

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