Arbor Labor Union – “Flowerhead”


Arbor Labor Union are making a strong showing on the Cosmic Americana spectrum with their latest for Arrowhark. The band issued a low-key LP for Sub Pop a couple of years back, but even if that one’s knocking around your shelf, don’t try to lock ‘em down just yet. Where I Hear You was doused in the tough-skinned garb of alternative fallout, but the band is now embracing a looser sound that’s got a great deal of sand in its shoes and Autumn sunshine in its veins. “Flowerhead’ sees the band in full flights of choogle, hitting on some common notes with Garcia Peoples and One Eleven Heavy, but still finding room to squeeze out their own niche in the resurgence of the shaggy shores of jam. The song’s got a vibrant energy that threatens to spill the 1080p bounds of the collage-crammed video for the standout track. The record’s on the way February 7th from Arrowhawk.

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