Writhing Squares – “NFU”


As I mentioned Friday was constrained chaos and things slipped through the cracks, but now that the dust has hit the floor there’s time to explore some vital rippers like this new cut from the upcoming Writhing Squares record. More Philly madness for today, the duo are bound on one of their most expansive journeys yet, with the imminent release of the double wide LP Chart For The Solution on March 26th. The last taste of their scarred opus was the huge and hungry opener “Rogue Moon,” but now they compact their creosote-laced impulses to just under four minutes for the fuzz-chomping “NFU”. Anchored by a panic attack groove, the song sets the iron on the ears with a melted speaker delivery that’s beset by harmonica howl. Both songs start to let the sonic shape of Chart For The Solution come into view, but this beast is one that has to be felt in full to truly wrap your head around it.

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