Wristwatch – “Rules”


As you dive into the fray for this Bandcamp Friday, I’ll try to run down some faves, starting off with a familiar name around these parts. A constant on the site, Bobby Hussy has cropped up in bands like Cave Curse, Whippets, Fire Heads, and The Hussy. 2021 saw the debut from his band Wristwatch and the outfit is back with a new album on the way this year. First single “Rules” launches into the room, hungry and raw. With a whip-crack of drums and Bobby’s scratched glass yowl sparring with the propulsive pulse of the bass, the track opens up the band’s sound beyond the garage growl of their past, injecting a bit of pop pomp into the mix. This one’s straddling the post-punk/garage/power-pop axis and should fill up the tank for those missing Jay Reatard and Osees at the moment. The new record, II, is on the way later this year.

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