Woods “Sun City Creeps”


With each successive record, Woods find themselves closer to the threshold of crystalline. “Sun City Creeps” despite the flagrant reference to legends Sun City Girls, doesn’t scotch tape together street market psych and noise as that trio might have, but it does tap into their worldly sense of rhythm and adds a slinking brass element to Woods’ sound that elevates them even above the sunshine sways of their previous LP. The song finds the band chugging through guitar wahs and dark corner choruses before treading into a couple of psych breakdowns, that were this Woods circa 2009-10, would have unfolded into a minute plus of fuzz and tape distortion. Here though, they’ve caught hold of those impulses, perhaps leaving the jamming for the stage. Instead they’ve found themselves perfecting a bit of psychedelic lounge that’s stepping into deeper puddles than ever before, maturing Woods into a new age.


The track appears on Woods’ upcoming album City Sun Eater In The River Of Light out April 8th. Support the Artist. Pre-Order Here.

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