Wet Tuna – “Kinda Feelin’ Good”


Well, well, look what seeped out into the ether today. Another cut from the upcoming Wet Tuna record makes its way into the world and this one slows down the pulse from the relentless groove of “Sweet Chump Change,” letting a bit of slow-motion brain fog take over for a while. “Kinda Feelin’ Good” nails its desired effects — a song that hangs in the room like incense and steam, waxing the windows and weighing down the listener with an invisible hand. A soundtrack to sinking into the couch, the song pushes dub decadence into the murkiest of territories and lets it linger. The whole new album is one long trip into high vibration sonic swelter. The new record, Warping All By Yourself, lands April 8th from Three Lobed.

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