It’s not easy to follow an album as expansive as Do You Fall,? the massive psychedelic offering from WEEED last year. The record centered around multi-part suites that found the band cycling through prog, psych, folk, and kosmiche moments. The next phase finds them splitting their works over two shorter installments dubbed Green Roses. Vol. 1 is out this week, a meditative missive that’s pulling in drone and rag for moments of blissful inner gazing. “Into The Light” pushes open the door of the album, letting repetition settle into the bones of the record. That sense of loping, rolling, natural cycle is at the heart of Green Roses, turning Eastern auras into psychedelic roots.

Elsewhere, fiddle scratches out, smoke rises through the strings of the guitars, and a dusk light settles onto the record, with particularly striking streaks across “What Was Lost,” the album’s anchor. Following that, the band begin to follow that sun down towards the horizon, an edge of calm entering into tracks with less friction than it’s two standouts. What feelings course through Vol. 2 remain to be seen, but WEEED offer a good start with this one.

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