Triptides – “Fate”

Following a lead-in EP, Triptides reveal some more of their upcoming album So Many Days. Letting the summer breezes push them away from some of their ‘60s jangle-pop and towards something a bit more measured, “Fate” is a lilting, ‘70s-inflected track that embraces a bit of the dream-doused radio staples that swung towards the end of the decade. Flirting with the post-Canyon crash into AOR, the song remains indebted to their past but finds them moving away from the Nuggets days of their youth and towards a seaside daydream wrapped up in studio sheen. The new album is on the way from Curation, who have solidified their roster into an enviable batch of familiar faces and new names that are worth keeping tabs on. Look for the album on July 29th.

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